MACHINERY [plastic art]
Website of creative search on acoustics, the kinetics, the mechanics and the study of the behavior.

GREEDINESS [participative installation]
Result of the greedy confessions expressed in the pink VICHY polling booth.

Comic strips

K-PUCH & BONE [Comic strips]
K-Puch and Bôné are 2 boys who live in ZRU (Zone of Urban Restoration) and spend their time playing the Star Wars with their dog PUKI. Guaranteed gags!

mdaBD [french forum]
Association, files, pages practical, general discussion, documentation, advertisements professional.

Cartoon films

MISTER BIG [animation flash]
Adventures of Mister BIG, an elephant which will be and remain always too enormous. Humour and animation flash!


LET US COMMUNICATE + [press-book]
Graphic designer, illustrator, webdesigner... all the universe of Philip ALLIOUX in images!

KobOne [french community of creative]
Book of creative, CV, Forums, current events, invitations to tender.


Puns and graphic poetries of GLG.


SPHOTA [group of musical invention]
Presentation and topicality of Sphota. Spectacles, diary, musicians, photographs, press review.

SOUNDDOGS [sound online]
400,000 Sound Effects and Production Music Tracks. Download WAV AIF, and Mp3 Sound Effects,


LES 1000 DE L'OUEST [communication]
Network of the professionals of the communication, the marketing and the media of the Great West. Current events, Employment, Directory.

France Tibet [association]
France Tibet informs the public on the situation of Tibet, and sensitizes the political decision makers in order to promote a peaceful solution with the Tibetan question.